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How to Have More, to Do More, to BE More.

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Meet Your Inner North Star

Unlock the answers that hold the key to your destiny. In this course you will discover you truly are, your Spiritual Vision for your life, and how to fully live into your highest self.

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Creating Inner Peace

This course is for anyone who is dealing with stress, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, survivor guilt, depression, etc. You will understand how different parts of the brain are impacted by these thoughts and feelings. In the second half you will learn three clinically tested techniques that can improve your brain function and your life.

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Build Your “For Purpose” Business and Your Legacy Full Course

This course will walk you through EVERY step from your business license, your branding, to creating your on-line course - and every step in between. Whether you are just starting out or need a business refresh, this is the course for you.


2021 Life Reboot – Goal Setting Retreat

2020 has taught us that we MUST control what we can. At this Retreat we will create a life of mastering our internal world, so that external circumstances don't get in our way. Become unstoppable!